“Operator” by Bodega Girls

Rock and roll tragedy may have struck again in Beantown as the amazing Bodega Girls have rumored to call it quits. As a tribute to their all-too-short span of sonic greatness, I composed this video as soon as I heard the news. The Bodega Girls made Boston music fun, sexy and exciting again… They were unlikely rock veterans who converged and grasped the power and spirit of dance music, all the while giving it the intelligence and live instrumentation it often lacks.

This unauthorized video of “Operator” is my visual take on one of the band’s standout tracks. A true “deep cut” and a B-side (literally), it remains one of their most poignant tracks, and one of the few songs that strayed from the band’s party vibe. It’s a song from the heart that deserves to get stuck inside our minds forever.

I created the following montage from the incredible photo and video footage captured by bassist Jay Cannava as he caught the feelgood latenight moments that followed the band’s  Halloween show this past year.

Enjoy. Really. Enjoy.


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